Referral Associates

How would you like to make money simply referring potential buyers and sellers?

Do you know someone that plans to sell their property in the near future? How about someone that wants to buy a house, condo, vacant land or even a second home in another state? If you think about it, you probably come across at least 2-3 people a month that need to buy or sell real estate. Those leads are valuable and we have a way for you to financially benefit from them.

How does it work? In the state of Michigan it is illegal for real estate agents or brokers to pay a finders fee for referrals. However, if the individual providing the referral holds a real estate license with an approved broker, he or she can be paid a finders fee.

How much are these referrals worth to you? A genuine referral for a $150,000 home sale could easily net you $500.00…that’s right, you make $500.00 for simply filling out a form and sending it to the Bauer-Reno Referral Network!

The Bauer-Reno Referral Network is the perfect way to dabble in real estate with no major investment, or time commitment from you. Send one good referral a month to make an extra $6,000 per year! After you are a referral network member, making the move to a becoming an active real estate agent is a synch.

What do you have to do to join?

1. Take a 40 hour class, which is available online (approx. $270.00)

2. Pass a 100 question state exam (approx. $50.00)

3. Enroll as referral associate ($50.00 for the first year and $25.00 per year there after)

4. Keep your License Current with the State (6 hours a year continued education at approx. $60.00 per year)

5. License Renewal (approx. $78.00 every 3 years)

*Information about licensing fees and requirements deemed accurate but not guaranteed.